uterine fibroid removal

Unnecessary Hysterectomies

Study Finds Hysterectomy Procedures May Be Unnecessary Nearly 20% of the Time Women undergoing unnecessary hysterectomies with power morcellation may be at risk for the spread of aggressive uterine cancer. New research has found that one out of every five women who undergoes hysterectomy surgery may not actually need the procedure, and that more than …

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Cancer Risk from Power Morcellation

Women Should Be Warned That Sarcoma Can’t Be Detected Prior to Morcellation Surgery A new study appears to confirm that there is no way for doctors to diagnose uterine sarcoma prior to surgery with power morcellation. According to the findings of a new study, there is no way for doctors to detect uterine sarcoma before …

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Morcellation Cancer Lawsuit

Power Morcellator Manufacturers Facing Uterine Fibroid Surgery Cancer Lawsuits Women with undiagnosed uterine cancer who undergo surgery with power morcellation may suffer a spread of potentially deadly cancer throughout their bodies. Two new product liability lawsuits have been filed against the makers of power morcellators, alleging that the devices used during surgery for uterine fibroid …

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