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IVF Fertility Fraud and Malpractice

Were You the Victim of IVF Fertility Fraud or Malpractice? Fertility malpractice refers to the negligence or errors committed by reproductive care providers during fertility treatments, such as; misdiagnosis or mishandling of samples, no notification of existing genetic defects, destroyed samples, lost embryo or freezer malfunction. Sexual relationships with staff can also give rise to …

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Doctor Sperm Donor

Did Your Fertility Doctor Impregnate You With His Own Sperm? The issue of doctor sperm donors revolves around the unethical and deceptive practices of certain fertility doctors who have used their own sperm to impregnate women without their knowledge or consent, violating their rights and trust. Affected women and families may be entitled to compensation …

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Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Were You the Victim of Sexual Misconduct by a Fertility Doctor? Sexual misconduct within the fertility industry is a distressing issue that has brought significant harm to numerous individuals and couples. This violation of trust not only undermines the fundamental principles of medical ethics but also has lasting psychological and emotional consequences for those affected. …

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Fertility Malpractice and Mishandling

Were You the Victim of Fertility Clinic Fraud or Embryo Mishandling? Fertility malpractice and mishandling occur when fertility clinics or doctors act inappropriately or make serious mistakes that adversely affect a family’s chances of conception. This may include sexual misconduct, lost embryos or sperm samples, and damaged or destroyed eggs. Start My Fertility Malpractice Claim …

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