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Sexual Abuse

Was Your Loved One Sexually Abused in a Nursing Home? Sexual abuse in nursing homes is a pervasive and serious issue, with older individuals, particularly those with limited mobility, being more vulnerable. Both men and women can become victims of sexual abuse in these care facilities. Start My Assisted Living Elder Sex Abuse Claim Please …

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Doctor Behavior

Regret an inappropriate sexual relationship with your fertility doctor? IVF doctors engaging in sexual relations with their patients is WRONG and it’s their responsibility to not allow it to happen.  Doctors who exploit their positions of trust and authority to sexually exploit patients are violating ethical oaths and should be held accountable. Start My Fertility …

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Institutional Abuse

Were You the Victim of Institutional Abuse? Institutional child sexual abuse is a grave betrayal of trust, and victims deserve justice for the lifelong impacts they endure. A skilled child sexual abuse attorney can help survivors seek justice and hold institutions accountable for enabling such heinous acts.  Start My Institutional Abuse Claim Now institutional abuse …

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Mormon Sex Abuse

Were You the Victim of Mormon Sex Abuse? Mormon sex abuse refers to the instances of sexual abuse that have been reported within the Mormon community. These cases shed light on the importance of addressing and preventing abuse in religious organizations, and provide an opportunity for survivors to seek justice and healing. Start My Mormon …

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More than 450 Catholic Clergymen Abused Nearly 2,000 Children, Illinois State Report Reveals

Illinois is one of the latest states to publicize the results of a decades-long investigation into the systemic sexual abuse of children by members of the Catholic clergy. The investigation in Illinois began in 2018 and included a review of documents from each of the state’s six Catholic dioceses. According to the report, published last …

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Abuse in Scouting

Were You Sexually Abused in Boy Scouts? Almost since its founding in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has been aware of accusations of sexual abuse involving Scoutmasters, Scout leaders, volunteers, and employees. Attorneys are now investigating lawsuits against the BSA for failing to prevent child sexual abuse within its organization. Start My BSA Sex …

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