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Mesothelioma Wrongful Death Award

$90 Million Awarded to Families in Asbestos Wrongful Death Suits The families of 11 individuals who died from mesothelioma allegedly caused by on-the-job asbestos exposure have been awarded more than $90 million in damages. New Jersey Superior Court Judge Ana Viscomi has ordered two Swiss companies to pay $90.5 million in damages to the families …

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Asbestos-Related Mesothelioma

Study Finds Micronutrient May Slow Progression of Mesothelioma Cancer Researchers suggest that taking the micronutrient selenium may actually help slow the progression of the deadly asbestos-related disease in some individuals. According to researchers involved in an important new study, taking the micronutrient selenium may slow the progression of mesothelioma cancer in some individuals. Mesothelioma is …

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