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Baby Wipes Class Action

Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Infection Risk from Baby Wipes

Consumers who used the recalled Nutek baby wipes may be exposed to a risk of bacterial infection due to a contamination.

A growing number of class action lawsuits are being brought against the makers of Nutek disposable baby wipes, alleging that infants and other users of the wipes may face a risk of bacterial infections. The complaints stem from a Nutek baby wipes recall announced on October 25, after reports of irritation and other problems were linked to a microbial contamination affecting the wipes. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries allegedly caused by a defective consumer product, like Nutek baby wipes, our consumer advocates at the Leading Justice can help put you in touch with a skilled attorney who has experience handling product liability claims.

Nutek Wipes Recalled Over Contamination

The baby wipes in question were sold under a variety of brand names, including Kidgets, Femtex, Cuties, Simply Right, Tender Touch, Well Beginnings, Sunny Smiles, Member’s Mark and Diapers.com, and were sold through a number of retail stores and online retailers, including Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Fred’s, Family Dollar and Diapers.com. Following the product recall, the manufacturing company indicated that it had stopped manufacturing the baby wipes at the facility where they were initially produced, but as of October 27, the company had still not identified the source of the bacterial contamination.

Baby Wipes Contaminated by Burkholdera Cepacia

At the time of the baby wipes recall in October, testing revealed that the products were contaminated with Burkholdera cepacia, a type of bacteria that can cause symptoms like rashes and irritation, and the manufacturer warned that the wipes posed a particular threat to babies, since they typically have weakened immune systems. However, reports suggest that the recalled baby wipes may also pose a risk for individuals with serious illnesses like chronic lung disease, due to the side effects associated with this particular bacteria, which include irritation, rashes, infections, respiratory problems, fever and gastrointestinal issues.

Contact an Experienced Product Liability Attorney Today

The major risk associated with the bacteria Burkholdera cepacia is not necessarily that it can cause a potentially life-threatening infection, but that it can be difficult to treat, since it is made up of at least 18 different species and can be resistant to many common antibiotic medications. Since the Nutek disposable baby wipes recall was announced, at least seven different product liability lawsuits have been brought in federal courts across the country, each of which is seeking class action status. If you believe your child has been adversely affected by recalled baby wipes or another potentially dangerous consumer product, contact a reputable product liability lawyer today for legal help.

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