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Protecting Senior Parents from Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes

As our parents age, the challenge of ensuring their well-being and safety becomes more complex. One aspect that is often overlooked is the potential for financial exploitation in nursing homes, where seniors may be particularly vulnerable. Many children of senior parents worry about the possibility of their parents being taken advantage of financially by the nursing home and its staff. If you find yourself in this situation, there are proactive steps you can take to safeguard your parents’ financial security.

Understand the Contractual Obligations
Before enrolling your parent in a nursing home, it’s crucial to understand the contract in detail. Make sure you understand the fee structure, services covered, and additional costs that might be incurred. If possible, consult a lawyer who specializes in elder law to review the contract before signing.

Conduct a Background Check on the Facility
Check for any records of abuse, lawsuits, or financial irregularities in the history of the nursing home. Online databases and local health departments can provide this information. Don’t hesitate to ask the facility for references, and take time to talk to other families who have loved ones in the same home. Their experiences can give you valuable insights.

Ensure a Secure Financial Environment

Power of Attorney: Consider setting up a Power of Attorney (POA) that enables you or another trusted family member to manage your parents’ finances. Make sure the POA is durable so it remains valid even if your parent becomes mentally incapacitated.

Separate Accounts: If feasible, set up a separate bank account for your parent’s monthly expenses within the facility, keeping the bulk of their assets in a more secure account that only trusted family members can access.

Direct Billing: Opt for direct billing and automated payments for recurring charges like rent, medication, and utilities. This minimizes the need for checks and cash, which can be manipulated.

Regular Audits: Perform regular financial audits to monitor for unauthorized transactions, missing funds, or anything else that looks suspicious.

Open Channels of Communication
Maintain an open dialogue with your parents to ensure that they feel comfortable sharing any concerns. Encourage them to report anything out of the ordinary, even if it seems trivial. Many seniors don’t report financial abuse due to fear or embarrassment, so reassure them that their safety is your top priority.

Collaborate with Staff and Healthcare Providers
Develop a good relationship with the caregivers and management of the nursing home. Regular check-ins allow you to gauge the level of care provided and give you an opportunity to voice any concerns. In a setting where staff know family members are involved and vigilant, the risk of financial abuse can decrease.

Educate Your Parents
If they are mentally capable, educate your parents about common scams and what they should avoid. Tell them never to share personal information like Social Security numbers or bank details with anyone, and inform them about the signs of financial abuse.

Legal Protections
Be aware of the laws and regulations that protect seniors from financial abuse. The Older Americans Act, for instance, offers some protections and services designed to safeguard the elderly. Additionally, if you do suspect financial exploitation, don’t hesitate to consult with an attorney who specializes in elder law to understand your legal options. Adult Protective Services (APS) may also be available in your state: Find Your Local APS

Report Suspicion Immediately
If you suspect that your parent is a victim of financial exploitation, report it immediately to the authorities and the management of the nursing home. You may also want to consult an elder abuse attorney for advice on how to proceed legally to recover any lost assets and protect your parents from future abuse.

It’s heartbreaking to think that our parents could be at risk of financial exploitation during a phase of life that should be secure and peaceful. However, by taking these steps, you can greatly reduce the risk and ensure that your parents receive the high level of care and dignity they deserve.

By being vigilant and proactive, you not only protect your parents but also contribute to a safer environment that benefits all residents. Financial exploitation is a crime of opportunity; remove the opportunity, and you remove the risk.

Elder Financial Abuse Lawsuit Information

If your parents have been taken advantage of financially by a nursing home, a home health care agency, a temp orderly or anyone in a position to steal from because of them being incapacitated, learn more about financial elder abuse by following this link.
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