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E-Cigarette Injuries

Nicotine Toxicity, Respiratory Problems Potentially Linked to E-Cigarettes

Concerns about health problems linked to e-cigarettes have been voiced in connection with injuries ranging from burns to nicotine toxicity and respiratory problems.

According to the findings of a recent investigation, e-cigarettes may be more harmful to a person’s health than originally thought, possibly putting users at risk for injuries like burns, nicotine toxicity and respiratory problems. The battery-powered devices, which contain varying amounts of nicotine and come in different flavors, have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more light is shed on the health risks of traditional cigarettes. However, new information suggests that e-cigarettes may also be tied to serious health problems, which is especially alarming considering the products have been aggressively marketed towards teens since they were first introduced. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries potentially caused by an e-cigarette device, contact a reputable product liability lawyer today for legal help.

Possible Side Effects of E-Cigarettes

From March 2013 to March 2014, more than 50 e-cigarette complaints were reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to an investigative report conducted by Reuters. Health problems contained in the FDA complaints included reports of headaches, dizziness, cough, difficulty breathing, chest pain, nose bleeds, itchiness, swelling of the lips and allergic reactions associated with the popular e-cigarettes. Some reports also included symptoms associated with secondhand exposure to e-cigarette vapor from another person using the device, including wheezing, difficulty breathing and cardiovascular side effects.

E-Cigarette Poisoning, Other Problems

The investigative report comes amid concerns about a spike in the number of cases of e-cigarette poisoning, with more than 200 e-cigarette poisoning calls fielded by poison control centers throughout the country and more than half of the complaints involving children. Other reports of problems with the devices, which are manufactured in China and sold in the United States, include cases of the e-cigarettes exploding or overheating. In response to reports of e-cigarette problems and injuries, many critics are calling for more stringent regulations regarding e-cigarette manufacturing practices and labeling, in an effort to prevent widespread problems.

Contact a Product Liability Lawyer for Legal Help

Makers of e-cigarettes have come under scrutiny in recent years due to injuries linked to their devices, which have been promoted to consumers as a way to quit smoking, and recent research has found that e-cigarette users are actually no more likely to quit smoking than those who don’t use the battery-powered devices. If you believe you have been adversely affected by side effects of an e-cigarette device, our consumer advocates at the Leading Justice can help. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers harmed by dangerous products, and can put you in touch with a qualified lawyer who has experience handling product liability claims.

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