Suboxone Lawsuit Alleges Opioid Addiction Drug Caused Permanent Damage to Teeth

A recent product liability lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maine highlights the potential dental complications associated with the use of Suboxone for dependence on narcotics like heroin or morphine. Suboxone, a medication widely prescribed for the treatment of opioid use disorder, has been linked to tooth decay, tooth loss, and other dental problems. And, while Suboxone is one of the primary medications prescribed for opioid addiction, research studies have identified a potential connection between Suboxone use and dental complications. This has led affected individuals to pursue lawsuits against the manufacturer.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a medication used to treat opioid addiction. It contains two active ingredients, buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, which means it binds to the same receptors in the brain as opioids but produces a milder effect. Naloxone, on the other hand, is an opioid antagonist that blocks the effects of opioids. The combination of these two ingredients helps individuals with opioid addiction by reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Suboxone is primarily prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for opioid addiction. It is used to help individuals transition from opioid dependence to abstinence. The medication helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduces the desire to use opioids. Suboxone is typically administered as a sublingual film or tablet, which means it is placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve.

Alleged Side Effects of Suboxone

Like any medication, Suboxone can cause side effects. Common side effects of Suboxone include nausea, headache, constipation, and sweating. However, recent research has also highlighted the potential for Suboxone use to cause dental complications. Several studies have found a link between oral Suboxone administration and tooth erosion, tooth decay, and other dental problems.

Research Studies on Suboxone and Dental Problems

Several research studies have investigated the connection between Suboxone use and dental issues. One study published in The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders in 2013 examined the dental health of recovering opioid users receiving treatment with Suboxone. The study found that over 90% of the participants had low to moderate salivary buffering, which can contribute to tooth decay and erosion.

Another study published in 2017 analyzed data from the VigiBase database and identified a link between oral Suboxone use and an increased risk of dental caries. The study found that users of oral Suboxone had reduced salivary flow, leading to a higher incidence of tooth decay.

One of the largest and most significant Suboxone studies was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2022. The study compared the dental health of individuals using different medications for opioid use disorder. Researchers found that individuals using sublingual Suboxone had higher rates of tooth loss and dental caries compared to those using other medications.

Suboxone Lawsuits and Allegations

In this latest Suboxone lawsuit, plaintiff Christine Edwards alleges that her use of Suboxone resulted in permanent damage to her teeth. The complaint claims that the manufacturers of Suboxone, including Indivior, failed to properly warn users about the risk of dental complications associated with the medication. Edwards seeks compensation for her dental injuries and holds the manufacturers responsible for their negligence. The lawsuit joins a growing number of claims against Suboxone manufacturers, alleging that the companies knew or should have known that Suboxone film causes harmful damage to users’ teeth due to the drug’s acidity. 

Manufacturers Accused of Failure to Warn

Suboxone use has been associated with dental problems such as tooth decay and tooth loss. Recent research studies have identified a link between oral Suboxone administration and an increased risk of permanent dental issues in individuals taking the medication for opioid addiction. The recent Suboxone lawsuit filed by Christine Edwards highlights the importance of holding manufacturers accountable for failing to warn users about these potential side effects.

Suboxone Lawsuit Information

Suboxone lawsuits are alleging a link between the opioid addiction medication and severe dental problems like tooth decay and tooth loss. Learn more by clicking on the button.
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